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SafeNet Trusted Access for ContractSafe


SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) allows you to configure the ContractSafe application using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol.

The STA and ContractSafe integration is aimed to protect the ContractSafe end users' access.

The following use cases can be configured for ContractSafe:

SP-initiated SSO

IdP-initiated SSO

Configuring SafeNet Trusted Access for ContractSafe is a three-step process:

1.ContractSafe setup

2.SafeNet Trusted Access setup

3.Verify Authentication

NOTE   This application integration online help was produced based on a review of publicly available documentation and was not tested by Thales. Support for the application integration is provided on a best-effort basis.

ContractSafe Setup

As a pre-requisite, download the Identity Provider metadata from the SafeNet Trusted Access console by clicking the Download metadata file button. You will need the metadata while configuring STA in ContractSafe.

NOTE   If the STA certificate is required separately, first you need to click on the Manual Configuration link and then click Download X.509 certificate to download the certificate.

Perform the appropriate steps to configure SafeNet Trusted Access as your Identity Provider in ContractSafe.

Click here to refer to the ContractSafe documentation.

SafeNet Trusted Access Setup

After configuring SafeNet Trusted Access in the ContractSafe application, the next step is to activate the ContractSafe application in SafeNet Trusted Access by performing the following steps:

1.In the Applications pane, you will notice that the ContractSafe application that you added previously is currently in inactive state by default. To configure and activate the application, click on the ContractSafe application and proceed to the next step.

2.Under Account Details, enter the field values.

NOTE   Contact the ContractSafe support team for the field values.

For more information on configuring the SAML service provider, refer to the Configure the SAML service provider section of the STA online documentation.

NOTE   Under Return Attributes, add return attribute(s) as required by the ContractSafe application.

3.Under Advanced Settings, perform the following steps:

a.In the IDP INITIATED SSO RELAY STATE field, enter the relay state value if your application requires a unique relay state.

b.In the LOGOUT CHANNEL field, select an option that is compatible with your application.

For rest of the fields, modify the default values as per your preferred configuration.

4.Click Save Configuration to save the details and activate the ContractSafe application in SafeNet Trusted Access.

Verify Authentication

Using STA Console

Navigate to the ContractSafe URL, enter your email address, and click Sign In. You will be redirected to the SafeNet Trusted Access sign-in page. Enter your primary directory login information, approve the two-factor authentication, and you should be redirected to the ContractSafe application after authentication.

Using STA User Portal

Navigate to the User Portal URL to log in to the STA User Portal dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see a list of applications to which you have access. Click on the ContractSafe icon, you should be redirected to the ContractSafe application after authentication.


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